Animelee CSS icons and CSP

Quickly made some CSS Icons and CSP to go along with Animelee’s ( character skins. I used ( for the portraits.

Please let me know if I made any dumb mistakes


Added Fox’s gun, Fixed Pikachu’s mouth, Made Falco’s eyes consistent, added thicker line for Pikachu’s and Jigglypuff’s css icons, Polished Jigglypuff’s csp

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Great Work! I look forward to your updates. 2 small things, and one larger thing.

Falco: On the default color his eyes have a much darker tint than the others
Captain Falcon: The glove moves a little switching through the colors.

^^ Those aren’t really a problem I think just thought I’d give feedback

BUT, something that I think is really weird is that on Pikachu, the portrait doesn’t have a mouth at all. He just has the black line where his mouth would start, very jarring.

Is there a way to make it so it is Zelda instead?

In order for most people to be able to use downloaded items in DAT Texture Wizard, you have to make the file downloadable in another file. It cannot just be on its own.

Will you do an update for the M22 expansion pack?