Default CSP Pose Kit v0.9

This is a collection of anim files and scenes for HSDraw to create your own default pose CSPs.

All the anim. files and a majority of the scenes where created by Super4ng and came from his discord server.

Update (11/21/2021): Added Ice Climber anim. and scenes thanks to Spacialogic!

I polished up a lot of the scenes and created a few. Making an easy to use quick way to make original pose CSPs of our favorite skins. I left some of the original files for characters like sheik or ice climbers since one doesn’t have an original pose and the latter is unfinished.


Open your skin that you’d like to create a CSP for in HSDraw. Double click the JOBJ to open the model in the viewport. Now click the animation tab and import the .anim file for your character. Then click the file tab and import the scene file (yml.) Now all you need to do is turn off the bone/mesh selection display in the rendering tab and click take screenshot. Your new CSP will be saved to the same location as your skin. 

Minor adjustments may need to be done for skins with extra model parts, rearranged objects, or modified normals. This is pretty rare and shouldn’t be an issue for 99% of skins.


Fox does not have his gun for his pose.

Jigglypuff only has files for her default skin.

Pikachu and Pichu’s accessory objects have to be checked manually in the objects tab.

Ice climbers are two separate characters so you will need to use an image editor to combine the two screenshots.

Ness’s pose is mirrored, use image editor to flip horizontally.


Fox and Jigglypuff DATs with their respective accessories.

Ganon and Luigi anim. files and scenes.

 If you have created animations or scenes for the WIP above, hit me up on the modding discords @BrassMonkey. I’ll add it to the pack and give credit.

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This is so awesome! I hope this will encourage users to add more original CSPs to their creations instead of relying on ms paint

unrelated but do you have a link to that falco skin in the pic?

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