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Animelee m-ex Template is your go-to setup for a Slippi-ready custom Animelee build. Easily add or replace costumes for any character, easily add or replace new alt stages, and have a true end-to-end Animelee experience complete with HD textures.

This template is not affiliated with the m-ex Tool devs, Team Akaneia, the Slippi devs, Vancity Primal, or the rest of the Animelee team. Just something I made to try to make a customized Animelee build easier for people to setup.


1. m-ex Tool:
2. Melee 1.02 clean ISO

Initial setup steps:

1. Navigate to the “Create your ISO here” folder.
2. Drag and drop a clean 1.02 Melee ISO over the .bat file.
3. Wait for the new ISO to generate from the patch. Press any key to close the window when it’s finished.
4. Open the m-ex Tool and select File > Open ISO, and select the new ISO file you just created.
5. Once opened in the m-ex Tool, select File > Export As > File System and select a new directory where you want to maintain your build.
6. You can now modify your build with the m-ex Tool and by adding files into your file system. Use File > Export As > ISO to apply your updates to the build and play your modified game.

Enabling HD textures:

1. Open Slippi, and click Settings on the top left.
2. Under “Dolphin Settings” select Netplay, and then “Configure Dolphin.”
3. Once Dolphin opens, select Graphics, and then the Advanced tab.
4. Select both Load Custom Textures and Prefetch Custom Textures. Then close Dolphin.
5. Back in Slippi settings, click Open settings folder. A File Explorer window will pop up.
6. Click User > Load > Textures, and look for a GALE01 folder. If none exists, create one.
7. Then copy the “Animelee ex Template HD Textures” folder and place it within the GALE01 folder.
8. HD textures should now work in-game. It’s recommended to combine this with the Melee HD Texture pack, which contains more menu, HUD, and some in-game HD textures, which can be found at

Replacing a costume:

1. Download or create the costume you want, and identify which costume it is replacing. For example, “PlFxNr” would be a costume over default Fox.
2. Then you’ll want to rename the file to match the slot you’re replacing. In this same example, you’ll want to rename that file to “PlFxExNr.dat” and paste it over the same file in your File System in Windows Explorer.
3. Next, optionally replace the CSP with a silhouette of your choice from the download by clicking the “Replace CSP” button. It can be whatever you’d like. You might download a gray Fox recolor, so you might use a gray silhouette to represent it.
4. Click Save and then export as an ISO to open with Slippi Dolphin.
5. Test it out and play some unranked with your new costume!

Note: be especially careful replacing the following characters’ costumes:

  • Any non-Neutral Captain Falcon skin in an EX costume slot. It’s recommended to use HSDraw to replace the skeleton with Neutral.
  • Any Jigglypuff hat skin over an EX slot. Recommended to use the m-ex conversion method.
  • Any Pichu and Pikachu hat skin over an EX slot. May cause desyncs if done improperly.

Adding an additional costume:

1. Download or create the costume you want, and identify which costume it is replacing. For example, “PlFxNr” would be a costume over default Fox.
2. Rename the file to something unique from the other files, I suggest a standard name with a “3” suffix for example. Let’s say “PlFxNr3.dat”. Then copy and paste it into your File System in Windows Explorer.
3. In m-ex, find the base costume in your list and click “Clone.” This will create a duplicate of that costume. Then under “Filename” under the Costume section on the right, rename it to match whatever you named your file earlier, i.e. PlFxNr3.dat.
4. Next, optionally replace the CSP with a silhouette of your choice from the download by clicking the “Replace CSP” button. It can be whatever you’d like. You might download a gray Fox recolor, so you might use a gray silhouette to represent it.
5. Click Save and then export as an ISO to open with Slippi Dolphin.
6. Test it out and play some unranked with your new costume!

Note: be especially careful when adding more Kirby costumes. There are additional steps where you must add additional Kirby hats for Donkey Kong, Falco, Mewtwo, Jigglypuff, and Mr. Game & Watch.

Playing with Slippi: To use your custom Animelee m-ex build with Slippi, don’t forget to go to Slippi > Settings > Game and select the correct Melee ISO file. Once selected, it will say “Unknown” instead of valid. This is expected since its hash differs from vanilla 1.02.

Animelee is made by Vancity Primal and team. Learn more:

Also included:

Crystal Melee costumes: all placeholder costumes are from Crystal Melee, a Diet Melee build. Learn more:
UnclePunch’s Dynamic Alternative Stages: This means you can add additional Final Destination, Battlefield, Dream Land, Yoshi’s Story, Fountain of Dreams, and Pokemon Stadium alt stages and they will randomly cycle through them once selected. See the folder names GrIz, GrNBa, GrNLa, GrOp, GRPs, and GrSt. The M22 and Remastered Animelee stages are both in each folder already. To add more, add additional Fountain of Dreams stage files into GrIz, and match that format for the other stages. Just make sure to keep the file name short, otherwise the game will crash.
Animelee shields by Austin#0031:
Animelee HD shields by me:
Animelee Shine by Ungepistol:
Animelee HD Shine by me:
Animelee Energy Texture Overhaul by ProfessorRandle:
HD Animelee character select portraits by Vancity Primal.
Accurate Ultimate Stock icons by Birran:
Accurate Ultimate Stock icons Supplement by jojosdeliveryservice:
Custom Combo Counter HD textures by me.
HD textures for Pokemon Stadium stages.
Recommended Gecko Codes, provided as a .txt file. If you need to learn how to add them, use this tutorial:
Animelee percentages by Vancity Primal.
Animelee Timer by nunderscore.
Jigglypuff m-ex conversion skins by Lyra and UnclePunch.
Akaneia-inspired Animelee recolors by myself, nunderscore, Wave, ungepistol, and XRunRiot.
Akaneia hats for Pikachu, Jigglypuff, and Pichu by KTH and myself.
Animelee Kirby hats for Young Link, Sheik, and Pikachu by Vancity Primal and Shiggles.
Minimal pause screen by me:

Update 8/25/23

Update 8/23/23

  • Fixed Peach’s ExRed costume with the proper textures.
  • Fixed the HD portrait for Peach’s Daisy alt (removed the black outline on her crown’s jewels).

Update 8/21/23

  • UnclePunch’s dynamic stage alts updated to 2.6.
  • Hold L for the Animelee standard stage, and R for the Animelee remastered stage.

Update 8/10/23

  • Added UnclePunch’s 2.5 dynamic stage alts! Also fixed the issue with Dream Land.
  • Added the latest from ProfessorRandle’s GFX overhaul, including new HD textures.

Update 6/8/23

  • Fixed Mario and Dr. Mario’s light blue and yellow portraits. Thanks Wave for reporting the issue.

Update 6/4/23

  • Updated the Animelee Effects Overhaul by ProfessorRandle to the latest version.

Update 5/21/23

  • Added HD Textures for the standard and Akaneia costumes.
  • Reverted Dream Land to not use dynamic stage alts (causes desyncs with Ice Climbers). Will update back when this is fixed.

Update 5/7/23

  • Added brand new Akaneia costumes for Pikachu, Pichu, and Jigglypuff.
  • Added CSPs both in native resolution and HD for every single Akaneia costume.
  • Added minimal pause screen.

Update 4/24/23

  • Added 2 costumes for each character based on the Akaneia alt costumes (created by myself, nunderscore, Wave, and ungepistol. Spikey Ear Pichu created by xRunRiot).
    All of them are based on each respective character’s Neutral costume except for Pikachu and Pichu.
  • Added corresponding stock icons for each Akaneia skin (both native and HD textures). Thanks to Birran and nunderscore for those.
  • New naming convention for the Ex costumes to easily differentiate from default range.
  • Jigglypuff EX skins have been modified with Lyra’s m-ex conversion method (credit to Lyra and UnclePunch).
  • Captain Falcon’s EX skins have been modified by replacing them with Neutral’s skeleton for maximum compatibility with Slippi (no desyncs).
  • Added Animelee percentage numbers with HD textures also.
  • Added Animelee timer with HD textures also. Thanks to nunderscore for creating it.
  • Added Animelee Kirby hats for Young Link, Sheik, and Pikachu to go along with Captain Falcon’s. Created by Vancity Primal and Shiggles.

Update 4/13

Changed the second set of white Zelda/Sheik skins to “PlZdWhite.dat” and “PlSkWhite.dat” respectively, restoring the 10th costume slot I had previously removed. The reason for some reason names like “PlZdWh2.dat” or “PlZdWhite2.dat” crashes that slot if anything other than vanilla white Zelda is used (I have NO idea why this is). I also renamed the Pokemon Stadium files with the correct file names.

Update: 4/11

Fixed a Nana costume crash, changed placeholder costumes to be Crystal Melee, and modified Zelda/Sheik costumes. See below.


Issue 1: M22 FD and FoD – to fix any potential desync warnings, we recommend removing the M22 Final Destination and Fountain of Dreams stages.

Here’s how to remove them from the stage alt rotation:

1. Go to your file system’s directory for your custom build.
2. Open the files > GrNLa folder, and delete or move the file GrNLa-animelee(L).dat.
3. Then open files > GrIz folder and delete or move the file GrIz-animelee(L).dat.
4. Now those stages will no longer load in the rotation when the respective stage slot is selected.

Issue 2: Zelda costumes – you will notice the primary set of Zelda costumes are not Animelee. This is because the game will crash in doubles on Pokemon Stadium with multiple Animelee Zelda costumes if either Zelda or Sheik are used.
If you’d like to restore the Animelee Zelda costumes, simply go to the “files” folder in your file system and find the PlZdBu.dat, PlZdGr.dat, PlZdNr.dat, PlZdRe.dat, and PlZdWh.dat files labeled “- Animelee.” Delete or rename the old costume, and rename the Animelee one.
For example, to replace Crystal Melee Zelda with Animelee Zelda, rename “PlZdNr.dat” to something like “PlZdNr – CRYSTAL.dat” and then rename “PlZdNr – ANIMELEE.dat” to “PlZdNr.dat”. Just be warned of the doubles issue.
Lastly, you’ll notice we’ve removed PlZdWh2.dat from the character select screen. This is because unless the final costume is default, vanilla Melee white Zelda, the game crashes.

Issue 3: Combo Counter – using the Combo Counter can cause desync issues, but can also cause a crash or weird behavior with 4 Zelda/Sheik players on Pokemon Stadium. It’s recommended to not use it for now.

I plan on updating all of these issues when a fix is made, but in the meantime, these are workarounds.

Other notes:

The in-game CSPs are 34 x 47 pixels, which is very tiny. This is to save on space and RAM usage to allow for additional costumes to be added. Since this build is made for Slippi and uses Dolphin HD textures, it doesn’t matter too much. That doesn’t mean you have to use this size when you add your own CSPs, though. There should be plenty of room.

This build may work on console but it is not recommended.

I hope you enjoy this template and find it useful!

Initially released on 4/9/23 – Easter Sunday. Christ is risen!

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Anybody else have issues with step 7. I’ve followed each of the steps meticulously, watched all the tutorials, and deleted and reinstalled all of the components separately multiple times at this point. It loads in the file system as vanilla m-ex and it doesn’t have the additional characters. The drag and drop gives the menu that it replaced files when I copy it over and everything but the extra costume slots never appear when I load the file system.

Decided to come back to this after a few months. Everything works great. Thank you so much for all you do.

The dreamland skin with the green greens backround desyncs with ice climbers, probably should be removed from the template

Very useful project aside from that though! Good stuff as always 🙂

My game freezes whenever i open dreamland ps or yoshis anyone know how to fix?

Hi, can you also make a Dragonball Z animelee version (I’m noob) it would make me really happy, thank you!!!

Mario’s Pink/Cyan CSP has the wrong color pallet. His hat is pink when it should be Blue. Doc’s as well with his purple shirt on his yellow CSP.

Last edited 3 months ago by Wave

game crashes whenever I try to load into a game with a custom skin that I added. I’ve followed all the instructions to a T and restarted a few times and no luck still.

This is sick! Installation was flawless and my melee has never looked this good. How did u go about creating the CSPs? I tried creating some for my added custom textures using the default CSP pose kit v0.9 but the scenes/camera angles seem to differ slightly from yours and I couldnt find a way to upscale the resolution.